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[08.08.05] CD-R "Aspekt/Audience/Ascent" has just been released by Entity net-label ( Noise-glitch-ambient landscapes are combined with electric guitar leads and field recordings. Free download available from

[04.06.05] "Untitled #101" track on Urban Soundscape 3 compiliation is out now on Top-40 (Moscow).

[28.04.05] CD-R and Alexei Borisov play at "Aragosta" cafe (Moscow) at 18.06.05.

[28.04.05] Review on "Disorder" (in russian) you can read at Machine Room web-zine (

[26.04.05] CD-R track "Remote" on "Negative Message From Collective Mind" compiliation by Spirals of Involution.

[30.03.05] CD-R at Urban Soundscape3. Read press-release at

[05.03.05] Reviews on "Concentration" and "Promo #3" in Indie web-zine ( See in reviews secion.

[25.02.05] Few short reviews from our listeners for "Concentration" appeared. Read reviews.

[30.12.04] "Promo #3" -- short EP contains 25-minute glitch/digital-noise "Aojiroi" suite and 9-minute remix on "So Few Good Mustages" by Alexei Borisov and Anton Nikkilia. Packed in piece of tapestry.

[22.12.04] CD-R "Concentration EP" have been released on Zeromoon. You can download it or listen trough RealAudio from

[19.12.04] CD-R "Outer" track on "Cultural Mimicry" (Spirals Of Involution) compilation is out now. See order info at the official page of SoI:

[11.12.04] CD-R, Alexei Borisov, Cisfinitum at RU.NOISE party at "Kvartira" club Kiev, Ukraine. Info at

[22.11.04] CD-R "Concentration EP" will released as mp3-album on Zeromoon Recs. soon. It will be available for free download from Zeromoon mp3-archive. Look for updates...

[10.11.04] CD-R "Disorder" has just been released on Spirals of Involution. Short EP consist of 5 tracks.4 of them were inspired by Wong Kar-Wai movies,and the last track is an "unofficial" remix on "The End" by Jim Morisson.Recorded in May 2004. You can buy "Disorder" from SOI mailorder. It also will be available for purchase at "Misteria Zvuka" shop and on CD-R live concerts. See updates for more info...

[14.10.04] On more "Antipathetic" review at Machine Room Webzine (in russian only).

[12.10.04] "Promo #2" soon will be available for purchase through mail-order. Look for updates on "News" page...

Promo #2Limited edition of 5 copies in hand-made cover made from craft-paper with hand-written excerpt from Guillaume Apollinaire's poem. Disc contains CD-R tracks recorded in summer and autumn 2004. We plan to make some kind of Promo-series. At every CD-R's live sets we will offer you to buy our CD-R's from that series. It will be limited edition (10 copies max) with hand made cover.

[9.10.04] 9 october -- "Forbidden Beat" (new F.R.U.I.T.S. release at Laton) CD presentation in DOM feat. F.R.U.I.T.S., CD-R, An-Tech, Adam Ebringer.

[30.09.04] You can order CD-R "Antipathetic" from, Old SOI releases you can find at RRR, Cold Spring, Locus of Assemblange catalogues. New releases will be available for ordering at Sol Ater Distribution ( soon...

[20.09.04] New review ("Antipathetic") you can read at

[08.09.04] Spirals Of Involution:

  • CD-R "Disorder EP" is going to be released on Spirals Of Involution in September.
  • "Abstractions Of Kindness" by Toni Kandelin(Finland) have been recently released on S.O.I.
  • "Finnexport 2003(Live at Yaroslavl)" featuring Alexei Borisov/Anton Nikkilia , Pan Sonic and Pink Twins -- comming soon.

[19.06.04] "Noise and Fury" international -- noise music festival in "Dom" cultural center. CD-R, Alexei Borisov/Ivan Sokolovsky, Franz Pomassl(Laton Recordings. Austria), Cedric Pegot, Zerez (France). See info on:,

[xx.xx.xx] CDR -- ANTIPATHETIC (CDR by Soi Tapes) (Review in Vital Weekly #423):

If I understand things correctly the band is called CDR and "Antipathetic" is the title of the release. It's their debut album. The play "lo-fi digital noise" of samples they lift from records from the eighties. These noise samples are played back and forth in the digital domain in a rather improvised way. These tracks are not really short and do not always capture one's full attention, like in "Interim", which despite it's title lasts fourteen minutes. Some more editing would have been a good idea. Overall their sound reminds me of powernoise, but it's all more cut up and put forward in a rhythmical way, without being dance related. CDR sound indeed inspired by the 80s industrial music, but know how to transport the sound into the digital domain. Quite nice indeed. (Frans de Waard)

[03.04.04] CD-R "Antipathetic" (SOI 038) have been released on Spirals Of Involution. See info on limited to 99 copies.

[10.04.04] CD-R "Giiom" is going to be released on Insofar Vapor Bulk.

[20.04.04] CD-R releases ("Signal System", "Antipathetic") you can buy at "Misteria Zvuka" shop (M. Bagrationovskaia). [Almost sold out]

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